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Here Are The Books On Our System.

They can be reviewed online or downloaded, or can be supplied in hard cover.
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With our Easier Way to Change Jobs System, besides our 4 books, you have a
whole world of job hunting support to draw upon through our 70 briefing reports.
The Easier Way to Change Jobs System.  Part 5—Solutions to Common Problems.
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Some of The New Concepts Revealed

How to search for a 20-50% increase. learn more
Why you need to break traditional rules. learn more
How to build top level contacts. learn more
How to find private openings. learn more
The single most impressive resume. learn more

How to get calls from recruiters. learn more
How to job hunt when you’re unemployed. learn more
How to get interviews with CEOs. learn more
How to get 1,000% more from ads. learn more
New style resumes, unlike any you’ve seen. learn more

How to handle bad references. learn more
Great power networking letters. learn more
Buiding appeal beyond factual credentials. learn more
How to cut job hunting time by 80%. learn more
How to search long distance. learn more

How to compete without a degree. learn more
How to negotiate a contract. learn more
How to overcome any age barrier. learn more
Keys to changing industries. learn more
How to control any interview. learn more

How to handle any objection. learn more
Smart game plans that work. learn more
How to maximize chemistry. learn more
25 ways to get interviews. learn more
Searching without resumes. learn more

How to get past gatekeepers. learn more
Top 20 interviewing rules. learn more
How to handle video interviews. learn more
Great third party letters. learn more
Getting interviews fast. learn more

Making the most of LinkedIn. learn more
How to make direct mail work. learn more
Distinctive executive resumes. learn more
How to get interviews by phone. learn more
How to negotiate a signing bonus. learn more

Power letters to employers. learn more
Networking made easy. learn more
How to create your own job. learn more
Networking letters that work. learn more
Resumes that are now obsolete. learn more

Our Revolutionary Service Is For Individuals and Organizations

Here is a brief recap. For professionals and executives seeking $60,000 through $750,000, it is the first service of it’s kind in the world. Revolutionary and inexpensive, our system comes in 4 online books at 112 pages each, in color and illustrated. Hard cover editions are also available.

In addition, people automatically get access to the world’s finest professional advice through our 70 online Briefing Reports. Each person has access to our books and reports for one year, with all updates and additions, and the service comes with a 10-day unconditional money back guarantee.

For organizations doing outplacement or assisting spouses in relocations, it can bring great savings.
For educational institutions helping students and alumni with student loans—it can be invaluable.

An Optional Service Package of Three Services is Available.

Our online Career Profile. Surfaces people’s skills and assets in a highly organized form. Thousands at all income levels have found it invaluable.

Our Marketability Comparision Report. People do an online checklist and instantly download a 12 page analysis, comparing them to others at their income, along with ideas for lifting marketability. (For people with 8 to 30+ years of experience.)

Our Resume Review Report. After developing their universal resume using our advice and samples, they can email it to us for a comprehensive review with last minute ideas for making it the best it can be.


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