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Everything you need to get the right new job. With our Easier Way to Change Jobs Series you can access 70 Insider Briefing Reports. At 10-12 pages each, you just use what you need. To sample, click on our FREE OFFER above.

Why This Is The Fastest Way to Change Jobs

Easy to use, with this system you just use the parts you need to
to get more interviews... and cut job hunting time dramatically.

Many people struggle at job hunting. And then their search turns into a
long and disappointing journey.

Why? Most of them use old-style resumes and just answer ads, network and contact a few recruiters.

As a result, they end up scattering resumes, laboring over applications, and chasing dead end leads.

Think about that for a moment.

Our Easier Way to Change Jobs Series lets you use what you need and can help you advance to a job with higher earnings.

How? It does this by giving you new concepts that make job hunting easier, faster and far more effective.

The ideas are imaginative, exciting, practical and they work!

They will also set you apart from millions... and don’t require ‘genius or ‘luck.’

This system was pioneered by executives who managed thousands of job campaigns for executives worldwide.

This includes former senators, ranking military officers and top executives from corporations, universities and over 30 countries.

Then they refined them for men and women at all ages... and at all incomes.

The result. Thousands of positive letters... and universal praise from people worldwide.

You can see some of their comments under the “What people say” menu... at the top of our website.

Remember, here with the state-of-the art ideas, you just use what you need. Besides making job hunting easier and faster... it reduces stress and worry.

Is it time for you to move up... and at higher earnings as well?

If so, our Easier Way to Change Jobs Series is the best value ever in our field... and you can benefit from it the rest of your career.

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Some of The New Concepts Revealed

How to search for 20-50% more. learn more
Why to break traditional rules. learn more
How to build top level contacts. learn more
How to find private openings. learn more

How to get calls from recruiters. learn more
How to job hunt if unemployed. learn more
Getting interviews with CEOs. learn more
How to get 1000% more from ads. learn more

How to handle bad references. learn more
Appealing beyond credentials. learn more
How to cut job hunting by 80%. learn more
How to search long distance. learn more

Competing without a degree. learn more
How to negotiate a contract. learn more
How to overcome age barriers. learn more
How to change industries. learn more
How to control any interview. learn more

How to handle any objection. learn more
The 10 mistakes millions make. learn more
Building maximum chemistry. learn more
25 ways to get interviews. learn more

Job hunting without a resume. learn more
How to get past gatekeepers. learn more
Top 20 interviewing rules. learn more
Handling video interviews. learn more

Great letters that get calls. learn more
Making the most of LinkedIn. learn more
How to make direct mail work. learn more
The most distinctive resumes. learn more

Getting interviews by phone. learn more
Negotiating a signing bonus. learn more
Power letters to employers. learn more
Networking made easy. learn more
How to create your own job. learn more

Online Books Included From Career Pace

Besides our 70 Insider Briefing Reports to choose from, Career Pace also provides the following short books for quick reference. At 96 pages, and in color and fully illustrated, these are condensed from our full reports for fast review. Depending on your preference, you may review them online in flip page format or download them.

Other Online Services Included From Career Pace

Our online career profile. Surfaces all your skills, strengths, experience and achievement factors in an organized form, and serves as your permanent personal career record. Thousands of people at all incomes have found this invaluable.

Our marketability comparison report. Complete an online checklist and instantly download a 12-page analysis comparing you to 2,000 others in your income range, with insights on ways to increase your marketability.

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