We’d like to share some comments from people like you, who have used the executive briefings pioneered by Career Pace.

When people finish their search, we ask them to email 1 or 2 lines about what was most helpful to them. Their comments cover a broad range... & over 97% are favorable.

"It was humbling to find there was so much I didn’t know." VP Sales
"No question this built my confidence to a new level." Eastern Area Director
"I think you give people more insights than they ever expect." Inventory Analyst
"Very impressive. An excellent value that gives people new ways to search." Publisher
"My confidence soared from the moment I started reviewing your ideas." Corp. Photographer
"Your collection of resumes and letters used by others were worth many times the price." Business Manager
"You tell people what to do and precisely how to do it. Very easy to read and understand." Program Manager
"Gives people many ways into the market for interviews." Project Manager
"Just received my MBA. This was of great help." Marketing Research Analyst
"Lets you step things up from just job hunting to a real campaign." Division President
"The universal resume was all I needed." Hospital Specialty Rep
"Now I realize that I wasn’t really job hunting before!" MD
"Frankly my job hunting skills were a zero. Now, I’m a 10." Former Business Owner
"This can help anyone. You put people in a very upbeat frame of mind." Regional Manager
"Was going nowhere... but got 15 interviews and my 1st job with your briefings." Recent Student
"Builds enormous confidence." Director of Marketing
"Is there anyone who would not do better with your interviewing and negotiating advice?" Director of Finance
"Completely changes job hunting from all I used to do." CIO
"You are making new headway in this area. Most actionable service I’ve ever seen." Product Manager
"I was stuck in a rut, but have managed to salvage my career." Financial Executive
"You have quite an exciting approach. An excellent value." GM Latino Marketing
"Your 10 pages on how to do direct mail were incredibly well done." Former Professor.
"You helped me overcome my narrow experience." Director of Exports
"I liked the modern resumes and got dozens of good ideas." Director of Development
"Getting your briefings was a very good decision for me." Writer / Journalist
"Compared to what I was doing, this was a huge advantage." Project Director
"A career saver." Day Care Manager
"When I saw the action plan discussion, a light bulb went off." Computer Sci major
"You are reinventing job hunting for everyone." Leasing Manager
"Made job hunting a positive experience." Director of Recruiting
"Great in a job market that has really changed dramatically." Director of Fulfillment
"Bottom line is your resumes work. That’s all that counts." Chemical Engineer
"You allow people to pick and choose their own methods. That’s very important." Senior VP
"This was an impressive service. You cover all the bases." Hotel Manager
"I liked the constantly upbeat approaches." Director of Fluid Operations
"You seems to be at another level... a valuable service." Transportation Mgr.
"If you use your advice, positive things can happen quickly." Financial Analyst
"I copied your great samples. Thought they were the key." Channel Manager
"Most helpful to me was briefings on getting interviews." Manufacturing Engineer
"Gave me many new ways to produce interviews, and was very helpful in negotiations." Legal Officer
"The resources are very good. Gave me immediate confidence." Director of Nursing
"Very helpful at selling my skills." ProductionManager
"You convinced me it could be done, and that boost was all I needed." Insurance Manager
"Clear advice. Easy reading. Gives support in every stage." Senior Systems Engineer
"Professional creative materials made a big difference." Director of Development
"For the first time in my life, I was ready for job hunting." Director of Operations
"This gives people a choice of road maps. In my case, that changed my results." Sr. Accountant
"Very easy to use. Many briefings were outstanding." SVP, R&D
"Without you, I might still be wandering aimlessly." HR Manager
"This has to expand anyone’sconfidence." VP Manufacturing
"Knowing how to find private openings saves a lot of time." GM Production
"The ideas on getting most from LinkedIn worked for me." General Counsel
"You completely changed how I was looking for a job." General Manager
"You helped with everything. I was able to pull together all my assets and skills." Attorney
"Overall, a very positive career changing experience." Trainer
"My success was from your direct mail and building chemistry recommendations." Project Manager
"I’m still getting some calls. Have recommended you to others." Controller
"I liked your concept of getting activity through so many channels." President
"Very good! I had been discouraged and looking for 2 years." Brand Manager
"It seems simple, but you got me to focus on benefits to employers, not just my history." Sr. Engineer
"Going directly to the top was the best strategy for me." Analyst
"Everything was excellent. The resume designs brought lots of good comments." Plant Manager
"A rare life-changing experience." VP/Engineering
"I used your SOAR method for telling memorable stories, and did much better in interviews." IT Director
"A partner said he never saw a resume like my biography." Consultant
"The overall creative system was by far most significant." Advertising Copywriter
"What I got from your service is beyond what I can say." EVP
"Set the stage for all my marketing approaches. I had 3 interviews come in every week." Healthcare Analyst
"Your great resumes got me in the doors." Project Manager
"I have a top job and I credit your service." Sr. Director of Finance.
"The resumes were 10x better than what I had. No... perhaps 100 x better." Sales account executive
"I finally presented myself in a highly effective way." Legal Officer
"Copying your letters got me two dozen calls from medical firms." Pharmaceutical Rep
"Rewriting my resume to copy your style was a big factor." Inventory Manager
"I felt for the first time I really did a professional search." Home Care Administrator
"Having new approaches to try lifted my motivation." QA Test Engineer
"The primary drivers were my resumes and letters I copied from your examples." Assistant Controller
"Best for me was having an action plan to follow." Senior Engineer
"My wife says you saved my career. I guess that says it." Cost accountant
"The first time I didn’t have to rely on networking." COO
"My materials brought positive reactions.I had struggled for 6 months. A very good service!" Geologist
"Your advice is all about getting people to genuinely market themselves." Architect
"The quick response resume got me a lot calls. Phone follow up took practice, but the scripts worked." Dir. of Development
"Your resumes presold me. Exceptional service." Marketing Director
"I restructured my whole approach using #37 as my plan." Commodity Buyer
"The headhunter pulled my resume from hundreds." General Counsel
"Your career profile got all my skills out on the table." Director of Clinical Training
"The biography changed people’s perception me." Dir. Customer Service
"All of the variety of resources are what makes you unique." HR Manager
"I felt better right away. My presentations were good, the best I’ve ever had." Project Mgr.
"You got me to present myself in a different way." Portfolio Supervisor
"I redid my materials and they were excellent." Program Manager
"Put me in such a successful frame of mind... I felt like a different person." CTO
"My revised efforts with recruiters were key for me." Group Learning Director
"I got into the right mind set and learning how to sell my skills worked." Operations Manager
"Being able to copy your letters was invaluable." Director of Marketing
"Your materials make people look like a different product." COO
"Your creative approaches are very similar to what we do in advertising agencies." Media Buyer
"Your emphasis on keeping a will to succeed saved me." Manager of Analytics
"What you have is mostly new and very positive. A very good service for all job hunters." Recruiter
"It’s fair to say you make job hunting a different ball game for most professionals" Coach
"I went from overlooked to being recognized. It made me feel like a new person" Analyst
"It’s hard to job hunt, but with your resources, it was more predictable." G.M.
"Taught me a lot of things." Software developer
"You provide a large dose of ‘hope’ ... and then I worked harder." Sr. Statistican
"You multiplied my options... and that energized me" Sales
"Enabled me to repackage myself. One of a kind." Former Judge
"My style of job hunting meant rejection. This was ego-boosting." Editor
"Bold and aggressive for me, but it worked." Professor
"Finally getting calls made me proud of my career again." Database Manager
"I’m still amazed. I left my no-growth, no-raises career behind. Thank you." Traffic Manager
"Candidly, your service was incredibly energizing. Got me going!" Counselor
"My campaign was an uplifting experience. The sample resumes and letters were completely new to me." Auditor
"Faster and far more effective than what I was doing." New attorney
te make over." Analyst