How to Create Your Own New Job.

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

Keep in mind this simple thought. We all hire top people when we are persuaded that the benefits of having them on board will sufficiently outweigh the dollar cost.

In fact, it may seem surprising, but you can get offers, even if no job openings are said to exist. You simply need to present yourself as a solution to a problem... or a way for the company to capitalize on an opportunity.

The “create a job” approach used to be mostly for executives who want a job tailored to their best abilities, or who may have had difficulty winning offers through other means.

But in recent years we’ve seen employers create good jobs to bring a lot of young professionals aboard... including graduating students and others in their 20s or early 30s... especially when it happens as a result of a direct contact by the individual.

Review the following for some insights on how others have done this.