How to Build Top Level Contacts.

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

The revolution in social networking is one of the great developments of the last decade. And what it does is to make it possible for you to network easier, faster and with better results than ever before.

Keep in mind that many top executives don’t have connections which make it easy and fast to get the right interviews. And besides that many of them are reluctant to seek out help from their close associates.

I remember one time when a son of an American President sought our help with a job campaign. But he imposed one limitation... and that was that he would not use any of the vast connections which he had.

Now I believe in using all connections possible, but today with the advent of LinkedIn and marketing websites, it is very easy to expand your contacts by focusing on strangers... many times over. Be sure to review the following short discussions for insights on exactly what to do.