How to Get Interviews With CEOs.

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

It takes a lot of skill and an aggressive effort to get CEOs to call you. Those who have done this most successfully have relied on direct mail where they send strong benefit letters. Naturally these letters need to be tailored and customized as much as possible.

In some cases forwarding a quick response resume can also work effectively to create interest in you. These are resumes which have a format that allows you to write a short personal note directly on the resume itself. You’ll also need to follow up with all of your best possibilities by phone. So you’ll need to know how to get past gatekeepers.

In our discussion on contacting employers directly you’ll get specifics on how to get materials read... the role of power letters and which materials will produce the best results. You’ll also see how to use direct marketing methods to get an interview with almost any organization.

In this very practical report you’ll be given principles used by friends of mine who are top direct marketing experts... professionals who know how to “go direct” and sell products or services. Be sure to review the following short discussions.