How to Handle Employment Gaps

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

Properly handling gaps in your employment record can pose a problem. Quite often people lose a job and later find themselves in what becomes an extended period of unemployment.

Others will take temporary assignments that give them an opportunity for some income, but which are outside of the field and career path they had established.

These things happen all the time, and people at all incomes can find themselves in this situation. Many people fill in this gap by listing a consulting practice and explaining that while they gave it their best effort, getting back into the right job with an employer is best for them.

Others choose to explain that they wanted to step back and explore a number of franchise opportunities that would allow them to get into their own business. Whatever explanation you choose, the key thing is to take extra care in preparing your resumes. More importantly you’ll want to rely more heavily on power letters for getting you the right interviews. Reviewing the following will be helpful.