How to Uncover Valuable Leads.

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

It’s always surprised me when someone asks “how do I find leads?” Yet the very next person who is really into marketing themselves will say “I’ve got more leads than I can handle.”

I refer to a lead as an indication that there might be a job opening which fits you at the XYZ corporation. In this case, for most people a lead is a possibility for uncovering a private job opening.

Now you can a get leads many ways and we examine all of them. It could be you mail an employer, a venture capitalist, a private equity firm or a board member of a particular firm.

You can also uncover them by networking your own associates or complete strangers. And there’s many other ways as well. Be sure to review each of the following short discussions and then make up your mind on which actions you will take for uncovering leads.