How to Get Calls From Recruiters

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

All recruiters work for employers. These firms are not in business to serve job hunters. They screen and recommend prospective employees. The more of them that know about your capabilities, the better you will do. Many fill jobs at $60,000 and elite firms handle $150-$1M+ searches and are retained at fees up to 33% of compensation.

Recruiters account for a considerable number of private openings paying incomes of $100,000 and above. And, at $150,000 to $750,000+ they play an even bigger role as many employers turn these top jobs over to executive recruiters.

Recruiters are often classified into two groups. Contingency recruiters who operate on commission and who get listings from $60K to $150K... and retained executive search firms get listings from $100K to $500K+.

I believe that part of every professional job search should include some effort aimed at getting greater exposure among recruiters. Review the following discussion for advice on how to best use them in your search.