What’s Wrong With 95% of All Resumes

by Bob Gerberg
Published by: Career Pace.

Over the last decade the role of resumes has dramatically changed. The Internet, technology, high speed scanning and retrieval systems have all played a role. But what remains a mystery is why more people seeking professional jobs don’t get themselves up to date.

The job market presents a uniquely competitive situation... one where you can never really see your competition, or how many of them are out there.

If you could see the entire market of 30 million resumes which are said to be circulated all the time... and the over 200 million resumes that are claimed to be posted on a major job site, you’d immediately realize how challenging it is for old style resumes to get noticed.

Note: For those seeking incomes up to $100K, we make avail- able a separate discussion not shown here in report # 10.